Ranch property sorted by price

24.01 acres - Fences, electricity nearby, some restrictions. $2,250/acre $54,023 Sold!
3.87 acres - 2/1 house with metal roof, porch, deck, shop, well, mountain-top views, some restrictions.
3.6 acres
- Rare find, private, edge of town, some restrictions. $185,000
11 acres - Edge of Junction, recently remodeled bricked 4/3 house with metal roof, central H&A, fireplace,
                 2-car carport patio, barn, large shop, horse stall sheds.
16.96 acres - North Llano River frontage, good hunting, great location.
55 acres - Great hunting, good location, some restrictions.
15 acres - (Aerial footage) - Near London, 3/2 mobile home with rock underpinning and metal roof, 3 barns,
                 2 wells, high fencing. $249,000
Reduced to $195,000 sold
4.8 acres - (Aerial footage) - Recently remodeled 2/1 house, well, sprinkler system, near town. $220,000
74.26 acres - Partially fenced, good hunting, exceptionally pretty views. Restrictions. $222,780
52+/- acres - Segovia area, part of a larger ranch, good hunting, great views, highway frontage. $4,000/acre $208,000
35.819 acres - 3/2 mobile home, barn, shop, 2 wells, some restrictions. $238,000 Reduced to $218,000
15 acres - (Aerial footage) - Near London, 3/2 mobile home with rock underpinning and metal roof, 3 barns, 2 wells, high fencing. $249,000
76+/- acres - Well, views, electricity, near town.
59.829 acre
- 3/2 house, barn with loft for hay, shop, storage building, 2 wells, some restrictions. $288,000 Reduced to $268,000
29.07 acres
-  (Aerial footage) 3/2 house with log cabin siding, central H&A, Metco roof, 3-car carport, well, some restrictions.$285,000 Sold!
74+/- acres - (Aerial footage) 2/2 house, outbuildings, round pen, well, some restrictions.
195.84 acres - (Aerial footage) Small cabin, pole barn, POD container, well, fences, views. Telegraph area.
65.4 acres - (Areal footage) Gray's Branch Creek, electricity, good hunting, Knoxville area, county road frontage.
86.735 acres - 2/2 nice rock house with metal roof, modest 2nd house, barn and pens, 2 wells, fenced, 3 pastures
                     beautiful views, some restrictions.
93.211 acres - (Aerial footage) 3/2 furnished home with porch, well, storage shed, views,
some restrictions. $525,000 Reduced to $499,000
83.43 acres - (Aerial footage) Llano River frontage with easy access to river, abundant wildlife, good location. $650,000
250+/- acres - (Aerial footage) Pens, well, troughs, cement storage tank, views, good hunting. $2,600/acre $650,500
60.93 acres - (Aerial footage) West Bear Creek, old rock barn, 3/2 cabin with central H/A, surrounded by large ranches, good hunting.
100+/- acres - 3/2 native rock house, 3 barns, well, beautiful views, great location.
231.16 acres - Overlooking Junction and the surrounding area, gorgeous views, great hunting, possible owner financing.
$3,200/acre $739,712
56.88 acres - (Aerial footage) Menard Co., San Saba River frontage, 2-story 3/2.5 log home, large metal barn, water rights,
                      irrigated farm land, rainwater collection system, minerals, excellent hunting. This place has it all!
23.95 acres - Main Llano River frontage, 2/1 house with fireplace, patio, barns, goat shed, fences,10.95-acre pecan orchard, water rights.
10 acres
- Main Llano River frontage, 3/2 brick house, 2-car garage, patio,carport with work shop and apartment,
19.07 acres - (Aerial footage) S. Llano River frontage, 2/1 house, pecan trees, pretty views, near town, unusual. Reduced to $965,000
15.56 acres - (Aerial footage) -
Main Llano River frontage, 3/2 house with fireplace, studio with 2-car garage and apartment, metal barn,
                     fences, great views, some restrictions. Reduced to $875,000
26.64 acres - (Aerial footage) Llano River frontage, 2-story 3/3 house with metal roof, garage/sewing room, outdoor kitchen,
                      barn, some restrictions.
27.45 acres - (Aerial footage) Approx. 1,400 feet of South Llano River frontage, 3/2 house with central H&A and fireplaces,
deck overlooking river, unattached garage, well, 3 older rock cabins, some riparian water rights,great location.
437.889 acres - (Aerial footage) Well, cement storage tank, electricity, fences, views, good hunting, remote, close to Red Creek. $2,295/acre $1,004,955
320 acres - (Aerial footage) 2-story 4/3 house with metal roof, pens, 2 wells, beautiful views, good area, best of hunting. $1,200,000 Sold!
318.5 acres - Overlooking Junction and the South Llano River, well, beautiful views, great hunting,
possible owner financing.
$3,850/acre $1,226,225
412+/- acres - (Aerial footage) One-of-a-kind, remote ranch with older home, large barn, pens, well,
                        views, good hunting. $3,000/acre
72.2 acres - (Aerial footage) Main Llano River frontage, 2/2 rock house with metal roof, 3/2 remodeled house, gazebo,
                     fields, views, good hunting, great recreational spot. $1,450,000 Sold!
337.65+/- acres - (Aerial footage) Sutton Co., North Llano River frontage, home, 2 wells, highway frontage. Reduced to $1,550,000
712.43 acres - (Aerial footage) Johnson Fork Creek footage, unfinished metal cabin, older barn,
                       great hunting, views.
$2400/acre $1,709,832 Sold!
126+/- acres - (Aerial footage) Springs, great views, close to town, some improvements. Reduced to $1,750,000
549.66 acres - Hills overlooking South Llano and Junction, good hunting, great views, possible owner-financing. $3,400/acre $1,868,844
498.59 acres - (Aerial footage) Blue Mountain area, remodeled furnished 3/4 house, guest house, heated swimming pool
                        with built-in hot tub, 4-car carport, covered RV storage; barn with horse stalls, deer cleaning area,
and workshop; storage buildings, pens, hay barn with attached shed and trailer parking,
                        3 wells (2 windmills), ranch parts and supplies, small herd of Spanish goats. $1,950,000 Sold!
934+/- acres - (Aerial footage) 3/2 house with porch, storm cellar, 2 barns, cantina, blinds and feeders, 1 mile seasonal
                        creek, spring, 2 wells, good location Junction.
$2,495/acre $2,330,330 Sold!
1023.64 acres - Sutton Co., good hunting ranch with cleaning & processing station, van trailer that sleeps 6,
                          wells, fencing, Station B Rd. area.
$2,000/acre $2,047,280
1276.38 acres - Menard and Kimble Cos.; main house, remodeled rock 2nd house, pens, fences, 3 wells,
                           minerals, good hunting.
667+/- acres - One-of-a-kind, hills overlooking Junction and confluence of North and South Llano Rivers, breathtaking views,
                       has commercial corner, possible owner-financing.
2113+/- acres -
Menard Co., above-average production, good hunting, older house, 2 wells, good location. $4,226,000
1581+/- acres - (Aerial footage) Main house, 4 bunkhouses, outdoor kitchen, feed storage, 8 wells, pond with paddle boats,
abundant wildlife, Kimble Co.'s best views. $6,050,000
2416+/- acres - (Aerial footage) West Bear Creek, cabins, barn, pens, 4 wells, high-fenced,
$3,000/acre $7,248,000
238.03 acres - Both sides of Maynard Creek, pecan, oak, and cedar trees, beautiful views, large turkey roost,
white tail and axis, some new fencing, private.
657.06 acres - Gently rolling, live oak country.
1400+/- acres - Good water, great improvements, close to town.